TulSun Foundation

Karel Kinds, Founder, and Chairman

What We Do?

There are about 90,000 socially vulnerable children in Ukraine, 350 of whom are under the care of the TulSun Foundation. These are not just numbers – each one represents the fate of a child.

The TulSun Foundation implements long-term charitable projects for orphans and children with disabilities, providing them with access to medical consultations, surgeries, dental care, vaccinations, individual educational programs, development of artistic talents, participation in favorite sports, and support after graduation from social institutions.

Despite all the difficulties, every such child should have the prospect of a better future. Our foundation is always there and ready to help in this!

Our Goals

Long-Term Support

Long-term assistance to children in all spheres of their life, building friendly relations and maintaining close ties with kids even after their graduation from social institutions. Focusing on long-term support and assistance instead of one-time actions.


Development of charitable projects to support orphanages, social rehabilitation centers, and specialized schools for children with disabilities of the Kyiv region in the areas of health, education, and future adult life.

Social Responsibility

Encouraging international corporations, the Ukrainian business sector, and individual volunteers to support charitable and social projects to develop personal empathy among employees and increase trust among consumers.

Our Directions


Kids & Abilities

Healthy Journey


Ready for School

Smart & Creative


Graduates’ Support

My Future Profession

ru Invasion

Kids in War

Make a Donation or Become a Partner?

You can help children with your attention by visiting a social institution; or with your knowledge by financing additional classes in any school subject or with material resources by making a donation on our website; or in any other way you prefer.

Become a partner of TulSun Foundation! This will be another important step towards positive changes in the lives of socially vulnerable children.

Financial Reports & Documents

In this section, anyone can learn more about the help in numbers that children have received over a certain period of time thanks to donations from philanthropists, partners, and all those who care.

Download the founding documents as needed, and also read the official letter of support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine.