Orphans’ Charity Event by TulSun`s Partner

Charity event for orphans by the TulSun Foundation partner!

In times of war, when resilience and unity become crucial, it is more important than ever to take care of mental health, especially for our little friends. Within the framework of the “Kids in War” project, our partner organized an unforgettable day full of emotions, art, and support for eight orphans from the Sonechko Social Rehabilitation Center.

First, together with the partners` team, the children delved into the world of an animated film about understanding emotions. Then, at the “Art4Kids” art studio, invited psychologist Marina Pavlenko gave a lecture on “Psychological Support”, and the studio’s artists organized an art therapy session with painting in the style of impressionism.

The event ended with a fun picnic with pizza and treats, giving the children warmth and carefreeness in difficult times. Thank you our partner for this initiative and for bringing light and support to those who need it!

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Orphans' Charity Event by TulSun`s Partner
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