New TulSun`s Partner – Pfizer

Great news! TulSun Foundation and Pfizer join forces for an important mission!

This is a landmark event for our foundation, as Pfizer is not just a company, it is a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry that shares TulSun Foundation’s values and is committed to making the lives of vulnerable children better.

We will work together to implement projects aimed at improving the lives of children under our care. We also plan to organize a number of events to help children reach their full potential, experience joy, and gain new knowledge.

We are confident that together we can make the lives of children in the Kyiv region better. Stay tuned for exciting updates on the collaboration between TulSun Foundation and Pfizer!

TulSun Foundation Partner Provides Tablets for Orphans
Orphans' Charity Event by TulSun`s Partner
New TulSun`s Partner - Pfizer

Forum Victoria Park,

Okhtyrskyi Lane 7, 

Kyiv, Ukraine, 03680


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