Gifts for Orphans from SEC DREAM Partners

Gifts for orphans from SEC DREAM partners!

As you may recall, we shared a story about an incredible holiday organized by our partner SEC DREAM for 10 orphans from the Luzhetska N.M. Family-Type Orphanage on the eve of International Children’s Day. It was more than just a holiday – it was a true miracle!

The SEC DREAM team not only gifted the children unforgettable emotions and entertainment but also took care of their needs. Thanks to the generous partners of SEC DREAM, our kids received many gifts:

• a food processor from Tefal;
• a tennis table from Intersport Ukraine;
• long-term storage food products from Silpo;
• household and hygiene products from PROSTOR;
• packages of sweet marmalade from Lekvar Marmelad;
• board games from Hid Konem.

We are infinitely grateful to SEC DREAM and their partners for their generosity, care, and sincere desire to make the lives of orphans better. This once again confirms that together we can create miracles and give children a happy childhood!

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