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21 975 UAH Spent on Additional Power Source for Disabled Kids
21,975 UAH spent on additional portable power source for children with...
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200,752 UAH Spent on Annual Rehabilitation of Two Disabled Children
200,752 UAH spent on annual rehabilitation course for two children with...
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Holiday Greetings of 53 Socially Vulnerable Kids of the Kyiv Region
The holiday adventures of children under the TulSun Foundation’s...
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10 759 UAH were Spent on Two Boilers for Kids with Disabilities
10,759 UAH spent on purchasing two 100-liter boilers for children with...
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Charity Concert in Support of Ukrainian Children
Charity сoncert to support Ukrainian orphans and children with disabilities!   On...
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Holiday Greetigs and Gifts from Pfizer
How did 2023 end for the TulSun Foundation team!? It was simply incredible!...
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