Karel Kinds, Founder and Chairman

What we do

We help children from orphanages and rehabilitation centers to find their path in life: through education, sports, health and other projects’ activities. The highest goal we have is to make children’s lives better, kinder, safer and to give them a chance for success in the future.

The TulSun Foundation connects companies and individual volunteers with orphans and children with special needs to change the world one-step at a time.

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Our goals

Long-term support

We create long-term projects to help orphanages and centers for children with special needs. TulSun always aims for lasting benefits instead of one-time actions. We keep in touch with orphans and support them even after their graduation.


We involve companies and individuals in health, educational and sports projects that help children be healthy, learn and develop new skills for a better future.

Social responsibility

We encourage companies and individual volunteers to support charitable and social projects, simultaneously showing them how beneficial these can be for teambuilding and developing empathy.

Our directions



Montessori for everyone

Healthy Journey

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Ready For School

Smart & Creative

My Future Profession

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Graduates’ support

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Our partners

Want to become or partner?

You can help children with your attention, kindness, knowledge, material resources or in any other way you prefer.

Become a partner

The TulSun foundation is also officially supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, you can view the official letter of support

Latest news

Dental treatment achievements of children from orphanages

Last year we spent UAH 117 290 for dental and orthodontic treatment of children. Money aside, it took us 12 months, an inexhaustible amount of

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Аpril financial report! Project – “Smart & Creative”

TulSun Foundation – Аpril financial report!Project – “Smart & Creative” During the past month children from Sonech

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Medical assistance from our new partner – Ukrainian Center of Humanitarian Projects (CIRPS)

We are happy to announce that TulSun Foundation has become a part of the “Kindness Week” charity project, founded by our new partne

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