Holiday Greetigs and Gifts from Pfizer

How did 2023 end for the TulSun Foundation team!?

It was simply incredible! Three days before New Year’s Eve, our team met new friends from the international company Pfizer. Their relentless desire to give children the magic of the holiday was so strong that it seemed that the whole universe was helping to realize this aspiration.

In just a few days, the Pfizer team managed to greet 202 children from 4 social institutions and give them:

• various exotic fruits;
• sweets that added to the festive mood;
• construction sets and interactive games.

We sincerely thank the entire Pfizer team for demonstrating how one can overcome any difficulties. And this year, our TulSun team, together with Pfizer, promises to implement many useful projects for socially vulnerable children in the Kyiv region.

21 975 UAH Spent on Additional Power Source for Disabled Kids
200,752 UAH Spent on Annual Rehabilitation of Two Disabled Children
Holiday Greetings of 53 Socially Vulnerable Kids of the Kyiv Region

Forum Victoria Park,

Okhtyrskyi Lane 7, 

Kyiv, Ukraine, 03680


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