Why Don’t the Kids from Orphanages Believe in Their Future?

Orphanages are places where children stop believing in their bright future?!


Behind children’s smiles and sincere eyes lies a mistrust of one’s own future. Every week, TulSun Foundation team looks into the children`s eyes and at that moment, our hearts break every time. But the situation can be remedied by finding a solution. And it’s not just about the help of a professional child psychologist, but this help is the most important too,of course…


Most adults think that helping children is just giving money. This words include a little bit of truth, but it’s not just money that can help children. Attention and warmth that every person can give to children by just visiting them – that is the most important! Adults stories who also had a childhood and complexities in it are the best motivation for a children to believe in themselves!


That is why TulSun Foundation team always invites everyone to visit orphanages with us. Because every visit is the best chance to instill faith in children’s hearts!

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