TulSun Foundation Volunteers

Approximately every seventh person in the world is a volunteer. It makes almost a billion people. These are the people of different professions, income, interests and goals, but they are united by the same mission. Their mission is to help people around them.


There are people in TulSun Foundation’s team who enjoy volunteering and benefit from it. We already introduced our violin teacher Eugenia Atamas, who is a great example of a volunteer.


In order to bring art and love for music into the lives of kids, Eugenia visits the social rehabilitation center Sonechko several times a week. Despite having to travel 200km each time, Eugenia is inspired to contribute to the bright future of children.


Volunteering is about finding your own way to help that is suitable to your abilities and schedule. The TulSun Foundation’s doors are always open for everyone who wants to dedicate their personal time to be a volunteer.


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