Thermal Modernization of the Fastiv Center. Financial Report

1,703,706.69 UAH spent on the thermal modernization of Fastiv Training and Rehabilitation Center!


Since the establishment of the center, teachers have dreamed of insulating the facade of this social institution. Thanks to the funding from our caring partner, PIN-UP Foundation, we were able to turn this dream into reality. Since the end of October, 172 children with disabilities have been learning in warmth and comfort, and the bright colors of the walls delight the children’s eyes.


Our reliable partner, the company Virgin Star, was responsible for project implementation. In early August, they initiated the construction works:


  • tile demolition;
  • wall priming;
  • mineral wool application;
  • mesh reinforcement;
  • gluing;
  • quartz material priming;
  • texture application;
  • wall and ledge painting.


Today, we see the renovated, modern, and insulated building of the social institution.


We are grateful to the PIN-UP Foundation team for their invaluable assistance to the children, and to Virgin Star for their professionalism. Together, we have helped generations of this center’s kids!

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