The First Trip Within the Framework of the New Educational Project “Smart & Creative”

The first trip within the framework of the new educational project “Smart & Creative”.

This month the TulSun Foundation is looking for specialists in various school subjects and extracurricular creative classes in order to organize individual and group classes in orphanages. We continue to receive requests from professionals who want to join our educational project and dedicate their time and skills to socially vulnerable children in an effort to help them achieve academic and creative success.

Last week we made our first visit to the Sonechko Social Rehabilitation Center accompanied by a violin teacher Yevhenia Atamas.

To our enjoyment, six children expressed enthusiastic desire to study with Yevhenia. As a result, in the coming weeks, Yevhenia commited to visit the children twice a week and teach them to play the violin.

Stay tuned for the follow-up on the children’s progress and that of our project “Smart & Creative”.

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