Start of the Basic Online Course “Fundamentals of Montessori Pedagogy”

The Montessori method has its own unique feature – it must be mastered not only by children but also by teachers.


Last week, teachers of Mostishchen Special Secondary School – Boarding Level I-II began to study the basic online course “Fundamentals of Montessori Pedagogy” with our Montessori specialist Olga Nabilska.


During the course the basic principles of the pedagogical system will be considered, namely:


  • philosophy of the Maria Montessori method;
  • understanding the terms of freedom and discipline;
  • mechanisms of mental development of the child and age periodization according to Montessori;
  • method of observation and the role of the created environment in the Montessori room;
  • personal qualities that are inherent in the Montessori teacher;
  • work with special children in a Montessori environment.


Very soon the Montessori room will open its doors to children who are in dire need of this opportunity. Follow our updates!

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