Report on the Collected Funds During the 2022 via “BeKind” Platform

105 132, 20 UAH is a very important figure of donations during 2022!


The past year has introduced many changes not only in the life of Ukrainians, but also in the whole world. It changed our vision, conviction and attitude to charity as a phenomenon. No longer need to explain that donating one or five UAH is very important assistance. Now Ukrainians understand it without superfluous words.


During the last year, each of you have donating a small amount to the TulSun Foundation through the “BeKind” fundraising platform. These all 10 and 50 UAH turned into 105 132, 20 UAH. And then TulSun Foundation team converted them into generators and technical support for orphanages, as well as dental treatment of orphans. We are really grateful to everyone for your active participation in helping children, and to the BeKind team for the trust!


There are still many challenges ahead, but we can handle it. Because we are Ukrainians and we are together! Support each other and do not forget to share a piece of heat with the kids who really need it. Link to the donation:

Visual 25
Parents` Feedback on the Rehabilitation Course for Disabled Children
Dental Treatment for Four Graduates
International Children`s Day Festive Picnic

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