Report. 172 Disabled Kids of Fastiv Center Received Inclusive Equipment

This week, 172 children with disabilities from the Fastiv Training and Rehabilitation Center, who are under the care of TulSun Foundation, received inclusive equipment worth 511,699.68 UAH, namely two different-sized positional chairs and a sensory floor.


This became possible thanks to the donor Ukraine Charity, who met the urgent needs of disabled kids. This equipment will not only improve the quality of life for children with disabilities, but also help them to learn and develop more effectively. For example, the positional chairs will help kids to stand and develop their muscles, which is necessary for their physical health.


The sensory floor will help children to develop their motor skills and coordination, which is important for their overall development.


TulSun Foundation, together with the charitable fund-raising platform, are very grateful to the donor «‎Ukraine Charity» for caring for those in need of special assistance.

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