Portable Power Supply for the Luzhetska Orphanage

21,945 UAH spent on additional source of light for our children!

Several weeks ago, the caregiver of the Luzhetska Family Type Orphanage, contacted our foundation, TulSun Foundation, with a serious request to purchase a portable power supply. Winter promises to be unpredictable, and we want to ensure that every day is warm and safe for the 10 orphans of this social institution.

Our dedicated partner, All Stars Boxing Club, took on this task with great enthusiasm! In the shortest possible time, they purchased the necessary technical equipment, and we already delivered it this week. Now, the children will have heat and electricity at any time.

We are very grateful to All Stars Boxing Club for their generous help and constant support. Together, we are creating a better future for children!

21 975 UAH Spent on Additional Power Source for Disabled Kids
200,752 UAH Spent on Annual Rehabilitation of Two Disabled Children
Holiday Greetings of 53 Socially Vulnerable Kids of the Kyiv Region

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