New Year’s Gifts from ControlPay for Orphanage “Promin Nadii”

At the end of each year ControlPay Life & Careers implements different social initiatives and attracts company employees to become “Santa Clauses” to bring gifts to kids from Makariv District Center of Social Support for Children and Families “Promin Nadii”.


New Year’s Eve wouldn’t be the same without gifts from our dear friends ControlPay Life & Careers Ukraine. It’s already like a little holiday tradition that the company has created for the Tulsun Foundation and our kids.


This year the company employees decided to raise funds for tasty and useful children’s gifts. Part of the sum was spent on 75 kg of exotic fruits, including oranges, mandarins, kiwifruits, bananas and pineapples. The other part has spent on the 24 lessons of speech therapist for kids that participate in the project “Smart & Creative”.


We wish to express our appreciation to ControlPay Life & Careers Ukraine for their support and for always being there for the kids.

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