New Medical Partner – «Brain Stimulation Center»

We are delighted to introduce the new medical partner of our foundation – «BRAIN STIMULATION CENTER»!


We are proud to announce that the leading international clinic of neurology, psychiatry and rehabilitation, «BRAIN STIMULATION CENTER», has become a medical partner of TulSun Foundation in the new project «Kids & Abilities», which encompasses a full spectrum of assistance to children with disabilities.


Founded in 2013, «BRAIN STIMULATION CENTER» began its journey as a small medical facility with a few rooms. And today, it has evolved into a powerful full-cycle neurology clinic with multiple branches. The clinic specializes in the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders, as well as the management of musculoskeletal conditions that require neurorehabilitation and regenerative medicine.


The TulSun Foundation team believes in fruitful long-term cooperation with the «BRAIN STIMULATION CENTER» and positive changes in the lives of the kids under our care in the future. Together, we will be able to provide the necessary medical rehabilitation to children with disabilities and improve their physical and mental well-being!

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