New Ambassador of the TulSun Foundation

We are very proud to announce that TulSun Foundation team is gaining a new friend and ambassador. We are happy to introduce Noemi Jimenez Martin, who has long dreamed to help others through the magnificent sport of golf and to be a part of a foundation like ours.


Noemi Jimenez Martin started to play golf at the age of six, thanks to her dad. He taught her to hold the club properly and, eventually, to develop a true passion and commitment for the sport. She’s grown to become a pro and is now in a position to better more lives with her gift. Noemi Jimenez Martin said the sport has helped her with so many life aspects, namely, to challenge fear, to never give up, to help others, to be patient, resilient, brave and grow in every aspect of humanity.


About using golf as a tool to empower children, Noemi Jimenez Martin stated that she is commited to it because children are a gift of humanity and we can all learn a lot from them.


Noemi Jimenez Martin had already worked with the “butterfly children” (children with the rare Epidermolysis bullosa condition) in other countries as part of her previous projects and now she wants to help our mentees in Ukraine. We are excited to see where this adventure takes our little mentees. Surely, it will be an exciting place! Stay tuned for details.

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Forum Victoria Park,

Okhtyrskyi Lane 7, 

Kyiv, Ukraine, 03680


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