My Future Profession Project – Ceramics Fundamentals

“My Future Profession” project continues in partnership with D.O.Arts!

Recently, 10 children from the Luzhetska N.M. Family-Type Orphanage had an incredible opportunity to visit the D.O.Arts studio in Kyiv. During their first visit, each child created their own ceramic decorative lamp in the shape of their dream house.

Last week, our young talents visited the studio for a second time to continue exploring the magic of ceramics. After their creations dried in the kiln, the children covered their own masterpieces with colorful glazes.

While we eagerly await the moment when the little houses take on vibrant colors in the heat of the kiln, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the D.O.Arts studio for inspiring the children and sparking their curiosity for creativity.

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