Mostyshche Orphanage is “Ready for School”

Thanks to the “Virgin Star” company 45 children with disabilities really “Ready for School”!


These kids need a whole different kind of help. Most of all, they need household and communal items to learn to be independent. That is why TulSun Foundation team together with partner “Virgin Star” company made sure that throughout the school year the children from Mostishchen Special Secondary School – Boarding Level I-II have everything necessary for their education.


Our incredible partner “Virgin Star” company has independently bought winter blankets, clothes organizers, kitchen combine, dishes, school supplies and much more. The incredible partner team has not just bought all the needed stuff, they have given a chance for a comfortable life to those who really need it.


TulSun Foundation is really grateful to its partner “Virgin Star” company for being with us and for already the second year in a row sincerely supported our projects!

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