Montessori Practical Lesson with Teachers in Trypillya Orphanage

This is almost the end before the beginning of a new stage in children’s education!


Yes, that’s right! In fact, soon we will open the door of the new Montessori room and children from Trypillia Training and Rehabilitation Centre will start a new stage in their education. Our Montessori specialist Olga Savchenko visited the teachers in the orphanage to have a practical lesson with Montessori materials. It was another lucky day of our Montessori project!


A few hours just flew by. During this time the room has changed a lot, namely made zoning, familiarized with the Montessori pedagogy practices and gave each material a unique place on the shelf. There are still some theories to come and the teachers from orphanage will be almost specialists in Montessori pedagogy.


We can’t wait for the opening and the final report. But we still need a little bit time! Stay with us so you don’t miss this event!

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