Medical Check-Up and Analysis Testing for Orphans

The «Healthy Journey» medical project is back in action!


This week, our TulSun Foundation team, together with our steadfast medical partner, UNIVERSUM.CLINIC, visited the Sonechko Social Rehabilitation Center. The main purpose of the visit was to conduct a medical check-up for seven children of this social institution. Specifically, this check-up included a general examination by a therapist, ophthalmological assessment, comprehensive blood tests, and biomaterial analysis.


Through the «Healthy Journey» project, we aim to provide our little friends with the best medical support. We extend our gratitude to the professionals at UNIVERSUM.CLINIC for their over four years of dedication in providing the best care and support to our kids.


We are thankful to everyone who supports our noble mission. Together, we are making positive changes in the lives of children who truly need it!

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