GlobalLogic Donated Laptops to the Children of the Fastiv Rehabilitation Center

Children have to live in a world of beauty, games, fairy tales, music, drawing, fantasy, creativity.

Today TulSun Foundation together with GlobalLogic Ukraine donated laptops to the children of the Fastiv Training and Rehabilitation Center and now teachers from children’s center will have the opportunity to create various educational and developmental programs.

Now children can learn more about the world, watch educational videos and grow up. Unfortunately, during the quarantine period we were not able to give it directly to the children, but we were able to talk with the head of center and give her the long-awaited laptops. Our goal is to contribute to the education of children, because educated children are a confidence in a bright future.

Today many people need help, especially children, and this does not require a special moment, because the best moment is today!

21 975 UAH Spent on Additional Power Source for Disabled Kids
200,752 UAH Spent on Annual Rehabilitation of Two Disabled Children
Holiday Greetings of 53 Socially Vulnerable Kids of the Kyiv Region

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