Flu Vaccinations for Children from Burty Orphanage – DONE!

Now our kids are protected from the flu!


Very soon it will be freezing cold, which means we need to protect our children from possible diseases. That’s what we’ve been doing! Recently TulSun Foundation team together with the wonderful partner Universum Clinic visited Sonechko Social Rehabilitation Center for carrying out important medical manipulations.


Our children are always looking forward to meeting their friends, namely the Universum Clinic team. During the visit each child received a flu vaccination to relish future activities in the open air. TulSun Foundation is incredibly grateful to its partner Universum Clinic that the cold and cough will no longer be a threat to children.


We’re about to announce a lot of incredible news! So stay in touch with TulSun Foundation to share with us the successes of our little friends!

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