First Achievements of the Defectologist

Several weeks ago, we introduced our speech therapist Marina Melnychuk and today we are happy to share the first report of her fruitful educational efforts.


Children from Makariv District Center of Social Support for Children and Families “Promin Nadii” have been working hard to correct their speech and writing and to further develop their mental processes. They are already able to articulate all sounds and even pronounce the most challenging “r” sound correctly, they have correct pronunciation of hissing sounds according to ontogenesis and automating oral speech. Also, significant progress has been made in developing gross motor skills.


It’s a popular misconception that one can just will themselves to articulate a sound, because speech is a complicated mental process. One needs to develop all of the speech components, namely, perception, analysis, synthesis and imagination.


It is a complex and time-consuming undertaking and thus we are so proud of our children’s tremendous effort and hopefully very soon they will have no difficulty in pronunciation.

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