Financial Report on Assistance Provided During the War

Financial report for the period of war!


TulSun Foundation team has continued its charitable mission since the first day of the war. All orphanages under the foundation`s care are situated in the Kyiv region, where more than a month were seen mass shootings. Every child was frightened by the sounds of explosions and needed help. And such children – more than 300.


TulSun Foundation spent 72 949 UAH and 4 668 EUR for humanitarian aid to Zakarpattya Children`s Center of Social and Psychological Rehabilitation, as well as families with children and pregnant women who suffered from war; food for children with disabilities of Trypillia Training and Rehabilitation Centre; clothes and means of personal hygiene for the graduate of Valeriya, and also for orphans of Makariv District Center of Social Support for Children and Families “Promin Nadii”; purchase of medical preparations, etc.


To make a personal contribution to help orphans and disabled children you can follow the link: Thanks for your support!

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Parents` Feedback on the Rehabilitation Course for Disabled Children
Dental Treatment for Four Graduates
International Children`s Day Festive Picnic

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