Equipment for the Bomb Shelter. Financial Report

107 773 UAH spent on equipping of the bomb shelter for children with disabilities!


For more than five years, the TulSun Foundation has been working on its most important mission: to help orphans and children with disabilities in the Kyiv region. This region is home to all kids under the TulSun`s care. Most of them are now abroad, and those who remained in Ukraine are preparing for the start of the new school year.


The realities of the war have made their changes in the future educational process of the Mostishchen Special Secondary School – Boarding Level I-II. This year, the priority is the equip of the bomb shelter. For the money spent was bought a biological toilet (1 pcs.), gasoline generator (1 pcs.), heaters (4 pcs.), water dispenser (1 pcs), sleeping mats (25 pcs.), anxious briefcases (25 pcs.), as well as blankets (25 pcs.).


Our team is happy, that children have everything necessary in the shelter, but we hope that all this stuff will not be needed them to use!

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