Dental Treatment for Children from Burty Orphanage – DONE!

Dental treatment plan – done!


TulSun Foundation team had a very productive weekend. Sunday morning began with a warm meeting with our children from Sonechko Social Rehabilitation Center. Children came to Kiev for visiting our partner dental clinic “Spectr” and making thorough check up of their smiles there.


For five hours, eight little heroes supported each other and treated teeth. During this time specialists of dental clinic “Spectr” conducted dental consultations for children, developed individual dental teatment plan for each child, made oral hygiene prophylaxis and provided emergency assistance to each child.


Support the little heroes with a smile, attention, a kind word or any help. If you don’t know how to start? Contact us and we’ll tell you!


So grateful for the photos to incredible photographer Oleksandr Sparevoy

Visual 25
Parents` Feedback on the Rehabilitation Course for Disabled Children
Dental Treatment for Four Graduates
International Children`s Day Festive Picnic

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