Dental Treatment Financial Report for Children from Burty Orphanage

How much does a new smile cost?

What do you think? For example, TulSun Foundation has spent UAH 15,100 on the dental treatment of eight children from Sonechko Social Rehabilitation Center. Our kids heroically withstood treatment under the direction of our partner dental clinic “Spectr”. This is another victory for us in the struggle for the children`s healthy future!

Besides us, there’s a person behind us who made this treatment possible and paid for dental care. Although this person has decided to remain “incognito” to the masses, but via this story we want to motivate others to do good deeds. Because it’s not about who you are, it’s about what you do. Your deeds can tell a lot more then you. Can’t it?

TulSun Foundation expresses gratitude to the person who has found time and opportunities to help our children!

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