ControlPay Presented to the TulSun Foundation a Donation Certificate for € 10,000!

Karel Kinds – founder of the TulSun Foundation – came to Ukraine with an idea to start his own business here and established the company ControlPay Life & Careers, which became a global leader in the field of freight audit.

Throughout the years of TulSun’s existence ControlPay Life & Careers has been a great support in all our projects and beginnings. Last week there was a significant event in our family – Karel Kinds decided to leave the main business and dedicate his time only to the charity work of the TulSun Foundation.

As gesture of appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Kinds at the farewell event ControlPay Life & Careers presented to the TulSun Foundation a donation certificate for € 10,000 for the “Smart & Creative” educational project.

Despite the fact that Mr. Kinds is no longer the President of ControlPay Life & Careers, the company has always been and will be our main partner!

Thank you for your support and generous gift!

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