Children with Disabilities Visited the Royal Park of Flowers “Keukenhof”

A fairy children`s with disabilities trip to the royal park of flowers “Keukenhof” in Netherlands!


This week, 13 children with disabilities from Trypillia Training and Rehabilitation Centre had a magical trip to the tourist attractions of Netherlands. At the beginning of April these kids were evacuated from Kiev region to the country of tulips because of war in Ukraine.


Early in the morning, the bus took children from Amersfoort to Kagerplassen, where they were waiting for a boat. During the cruise children enjoyed landscapes and eat a cake with drinks. Before the visit to the Royal Park “Keukenhof” our orphans made a stop near the original Dutch mill in the midst of the tulips flower fields.


TulSun`s team are very grateful everyone who has joined the organization of such an incredible day for our children!

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