Assistance to Children from Svalyava Orphanage

Assistance to Zakarpattya Children`s Center of Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for the amount of 14 324 UAH!


TulSun Foundation team provided humanitarian assistance to 21 orphans last week. The social institution is situated far from the zone of active fighting, so children have remained in Ukraine. But the war continues to deepen the economic crisis in the country, which strikes the socially vulnerable people.


Orphanage needed means for hygiene and cleaning of premises, namely shampoo for hair, gel for soul, toothpaste, soap, hygienic pads, children’s diaper, ear hygiene sticks, cleaners for bathroom, kitchen, window and toilet, as well as laundry powder, lantern, paint for iron and wood materials and brush for paint.


Humanitarian aid is already in the hands of children and this is wonderful news. Let us unite for a good cause and help those who really need it!

612,015.80 UAH Spent on the Rehabilitation of Six Disabled Children in 2023
My Future Profession Project - Ceramics Fundamentals
83 654,50 UAH Spent on Medical Treatment of Orphans in 2023

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