All Stars Boxing Club – Charity Boxing Master Class

One single event might be a life changing experience. Activities ended and we are willing to share all the impressions and photos.

This was not the first event done by TulSun charity foundation in collaboration with All Stars Boxing Club , however this time it was beyond anyone’s expectations. We are very grateful to Aleksey Elohin, Egor Golub, Timur Belyak, Anna Shah, Olena Tarasenko, Mindia Mindiashvili and Roman Chubei.

Children spent their time in the most productive yet fun way. They were competing and learning together with their friends and trainers. More important – they saw that events can be a pleasant experience and sport can be fun and exiting.

Our dear colleagues All Stars Boxing Club managed to create a memorable experience and each little participant from Sonechko Social Rehabilitation Center received something more than just a bag full of candies. They got a brand new perspective about world.

We are grateful for all the effort that was done for our children.

Visual 25
Parents` Feedback on the Rehabilitation Course for Disabled Children
Dental Treatment for Four Graduates
International Children`s Day Festive Picnic

Forum Victoria Park,

Okhtyrskyi Lane 7, 

Kyiv, Ukraine, 03680


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