About Teacher Defectologist in Our Project “Smart & Creative”

“When I tell people that I work as a speech therapist, I see a smile on their faces, because people do not take this profession seriously or difficult enough…” (c)

What do you think? Is the work of a speech therapist important for socially vulnerable children?

As part of projects TulSun Foundation cooperates side by side with specialists in the fields of education, psychology and pedagogy, so we begin to introduce you someone who supports and helps children with us.

Last months Melnychuk Marina Alexandrovna visits our wards several times a week. She is a teacher-special educator, assistant teacher-speech therapist and assistant teacher of inclusive education. She studied at the Drahomanov National Pedagogical University and has received the degree of specialist in inclusive education. And now she is our “universal soldier” in the struggle not only for the correct child’s pronunciation, but also for the correction and development of all mental functions necessary for both learning and social adaptation of children.

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