About Cooperation Details in the Project “Ready for School”

Do you know how we cooperate with partners in the project “Ready for School”?


The project “Ready for School” is an annual tradition that TulSun Foundation create together with like-minded people. Every summer this project unites international corporations, Ukrainian companies and simply concerned people to prepare together for school those children who really need it.


Below we describe a small step-by-step plan, namely:
1. All contacts for communication with our team can be found on our official pages on social networks or on the website.
2. Upon request of every person we send a link that contains an online table with a list of children’s needs.
3. You can choose any number of school supplies you want to buy by simply indicating your participation in the table.
4. At the end of August we collect and deliver your school gifts to orphanages, which situated in Kyiv region. Everyone can visit children with us!


And as a result, each of you will receive a happy childhood smile as a gratitude personally or in our photo reports. Because a childhood smile is the best gratitude in the world!

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