A New Project for Disabled Children – «Kids & Abilities»!

FINALLY! TulSun Foundation presents a new ambitious project for children with disabilities – «Kids & Abilities»!


Even before the war, we aspired to create a project dedicated to the medical rehabilitation of our disabled kids from the Kyiv region under our care.


Therefore, we are delighted to announce that the program of medical rehabilitation for these children, developed in partnership with the leading international clinic of neurology and psychiatry «Brain Stimulation Center», will soon be launched. Our new partner will develop an individualized program of medical rehabilitation, taking into account the diagnosis of each child.


«Kids & Abilities» is a project aimed at providing children with disabilities with medical rehabilitation services, necessary corrective equipment, a Montessori room, innovative educational materials, as well as urgent needs.

More details about this project will be revealed soon. Follow TulSun Foundation and join our mission!

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