76,300 UAH for the Purchase of a Kids’ Playground for Orphans

Ukraine Charity has acquired a children’s playground for orphans!

We are pleased to announce that together with our partner, Ukraine Charity, we have undertaken another incredibly important initiative. The N.M. Luzhetska family-type orphanage, nurturing and providing for 11 talented orphans, has now received a children’s playground and a swing set, with a total value of 76,300 UAH.

The significance of sports activities for children cannot be overstated, as it not only contributes to their physical well-being but also fosters teamwork, endurance, and maintains a positive outlook. We are grateful to Ukraine Charity for their contribution to the athletic development and health of our children.

This noble assistance has become particularly crucial in these difficult times for Ukraine. Together, we are making the future brighter and more full of opportunities for socially vulnerable children!

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