21 975 UAH Spent on Additional Power Source for Disabled Kids

21,975 UAH spent on additional portable power source for children with disabilities!

With the joint efforts and combined care of employees of an international company, a portable power source was purchased for 35 kids from the Mostishchen Special School, who require special attention and care.

This important technical equipment will not only become a reliable ally in cases of power outages, but will also provide the opportunity to charge laptops and phones during air alerts. Thus, children will be able to spend time comfortably in the bomb shelter, providing themselves with the necessary communication and entertainment.

Our TulSun Foundation team is very grateful to the employees of the international company who are making the world a better place for children with disabilities of the Kyiv region. Their noble deed serves as an example of how true social responsibility and human kindness can change the world for the better!

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