Video backstage from sex education lectures

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Video backstage from sex education lectures

Do you know that 727 abortions were performed on minors in Ukraine in 2019?

And even after such disappointing statistics, there are still myths and fears in our society that sex education can be harmful to the health or behaviour of children. But it is the lack of sex education that forces children to look for information on dubious sites or pornography, which has little to do with real life.

That is why TulSun Foundation together with Olena Pinchuk Foundation, organized lectures about sex education for children from Makariv District Center of Social Support for Children and Families “Promin Nadii” and Sonechko Social Rehabilitation Center. During the lectures, psychologists taught children how to set the boundaries of privacy, how the human body works and its physiological processes and, most importantly, they received the answer to the eternal question: “Where do babies come from?”.

TulSun Foundation expresses its gratitude to Olena Pinchuk Foundation and personally to each psychologist for helping our children to acquire quality knowledge about sex education.

📹 by Gleb Stoyko