Trypillya orphanage is “Ready for School”

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Trypillya orphanage is “Ready for School”

“Virgin Star” and “Kontract Pol” companies have prepared 65 children for the new school year!

Our new kids from Trypillia Training and Rehabilitation Centre, who joined our foundation not so long ago, also needed assistance within the project “Ready for School”. We have made every effort to ensure that children with disabilities have received all necessary school supplies on time.

To our request for help the incredible partners “Virgin Star” and “Kontract Pol” have answered, which have provided children with notebooks, paints, markers, pens, pencils, plasticine, paper, etc. Now the children will be able to study with pleasure and have everything necessary for it.

TulSun Foundation expresses gratitude to the companies “Virgin Star” and “Kontract Pol” for having created a miracle for children who really need it!