Start of the Annual Project «Ready for School»

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Start of the Annual Project «Ready for School»

TulSun Foundation launches its annual project «Ready for School»!

We invite everyone who is willing to take part in our yearly initiative «Ready for School». Within the framework of this project, the TulSun`s team, together with its partners from the Ukrainian business community, prepares children from social institutions of the Kyiv region for the upcoming school year, ensuring they have all the necessary school supplies.

This year, our goal is to prepare 314 kids from five social institutions:

– Luzhetska N.M. Family-Type Orphanage;
– Sonechko Social Rehabilitation Center;
– Fastiv Training and Rehabilitation Center;
– Mostishchen Special Secondary School – Boarding Level I-II;
– Trypillia Training and Rehabilitation Center.

For more detailed information and participation, please contact us through direct messages.