Rehabilitation Сourse for the Child with Down Syndrome

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Rehabilitation Сourse for the Child with Down Syndrome

Another exciting story of child rehabilitation!

In August, another child from the Fastiv Training and Rehabilitation Center successfully completed the first of four courses of annual medical rehabilitation at the «Brain Stimulation Center» clinic. Six-year-old Gordiy, diagnosed with Down syndrome, became one of the participants in the focus group of the TulSun Foundation’s charity project «Kids & Abilities».

Specialists of the «Brain Stimulation Center» clinic developed an individual rehabilitation course for Gordiy, lasting from 11 to 15 days. The course included the following procedures:

– consultation with a pediatric neurologist;
– sensory integration therapy;
– electroencephalography;
– bioacoustic correction (BAC);
– halotherapy;
– hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO);
– low-frequency magnetic therapy;
– speech therapy sessions;
– transcranial micropolarization (TCMP);
– consultation with a pediatrician.

We sincerely thank our medical partner, the «Brain Stimulation Center» clinic, for their invaluable help and the opportunity to make miracles for children with disabilities.