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Preventive vaccination. Report!

9 months ago, as a part of the Healthy Journey project, the TulSun Foundation and Універсум Клінік Universum Clinic Универсум Клиник specialists launched a new phase of the project – preventive vaccination. An individual vaccination schedule spanning several years was created for each child from Makariv District Center of Social Support for Children and Families “Promin Nadii” and social rehabilitation center “Sonechko”.

Starting from June 2020, our orphans received vaccinations from:
– hepatitis B;
– tuberculosis;
– measles / parotitis / rubella;
– diphtheria / tetanus;
– pertussis;
– polio;
– hib vaccine;
– influenza.

During the 9 months the TulSun Foundation spent 76,200 UAH on preventive vaccinations of its kids.

If you want to join the Healthy Journey project and help children stay healthy, contact us! Let’s create a happy future of Ukrainian youth together!