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My future profession – Hilton Kyiv

A wonderful event for the kids of Makariv village orphanage from our good friends at Hilton Kyiv!

During their trip to Kyiv and this amazing hotel, the children learned more than many adults do in a single day!

  • How the hotel is organized in general
  • How the employees interact, work and spend time together
  • How to serve and organize large and important events like conferences, celebrations, weddings
  • How room service works all the way from the kitchen to the hotel room
  • The boys learned how to quickly renovate furniture and interiors so that any room always looks beautiful
  • The girls learned all the various complex and cool things about how a hotel SPA operates and what can be in it!

    They ended the trip with a delicious lunch together with the hotel staff.

    Also, learning is always better when you’re having fun, so we made sure to spend the day with smiles, small games and laughter!

    Thank you to Hilton Kyiv for the support and education of the kids!