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Montessori environment and materials

A child surrounded by beauty will recreate the beauty further in life. A child who grew up in an aggressive environment will generate the aggression. (c)

Montessori environment has special requirements. Creating such an environment is not easy. If you follow the international AMI standards, any changes or additions to the environment must be balanced, and most importantly in line with the purpose and principles of Montessori education.

The location and purpose of each material in the environment is not accidental. Only educator that is trained accordingly can arrange the materials and choose the ones that should be included in the environment. All materials must be selected according to the age of children and meet the psychological objectives of their development.

The environment is what affects the child throughout life and the way the child will grow up depends on it.

Our future Montessori room at the Mostishchen Special Secondary School – Boarding Level I-II will be made according to all AMI standards!