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Drawing Master-Class for Kids

Artists see our world in a special way and transmit this vision to the rest of us through their work. Children also see things in an unusual and surprising way. And whenever we create a collaboration between an artist and a child, we get unique artwork that benefits both!

Before the new quarantine restrictions, the TulSun Foundation together with artist Valeriya Tarasenko visited children from the Sonechko Social Rehabilitation Center. We have been planning such an event for a long time and were excited to see what a success it turned out to be.

Our children and our wonderful guest artist Valeriya Tarasenko created a painting together. They experimented with acrylic paints and color combinations and each participant was able to bring their personal vision into the picture. The result was fun and, in our view, quite brilliant.

Thus, you do not need to be a CEO of a global business or a person with a big wallet to help those who need it. It is only necessary to have a little free time and boundless desire! Check our website for more ways you can contribute to the wellbeing and education of orphans and kids with special needs.