Charity action “120 days of kindness”

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Charity action “120 days of kindness”

One good deed can save lives, but if you will doing one good deed within 120 days?!

Kind Challenge team created a charity action “120 days of kindness” for supporting project Kind Race 120. Within 120 days the Kind Challenge founder Tatiana Grynuova will run 21,1 km in different cities to draw the attention of the world community to Ukrainian charity.

As part of this charity action we are looking for partners who will be ready to create a “Kind Action” in support of our TulSun Foundation. The action idea is to transfer any amount from the sale of products or services to charity within 120 days. It can be any amount, for example 1,2 or 3 UAH from the sold cup of coffee.

If you are a business owner or a professional in any sphere, we invite you to join the charity action and do good deeds together!