Additional Medical Examination of Orphans

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Additional Medical Examination of Orphans

Additional medical examination for children within the «Healthy Journey» project!

Recently, specialists from UNIVERSUM.CLINIC visited eight orphans of the Sonechko Social Rehabilitation Center, conducting a comprehensive preventive examination and laboratory tests. The results of these examinations were used to create individual action plans for each child.

This week, our kids visited UNIVERSUM.CLINIC and underwent the following procedures:

– pediatric examination;
– additional laboratory tests;
– scheduled vaccinations (prevention of hepatitis A, B, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis);
– ENT examination and removal of earwax;
– ophthalmological examination at «OCULAR» clinic.

For the TulSun Foundation team, the health of children always takes top priority. That’s why we consistently follow the recommendations of our medical partner, UNIVERSUM.CLINIC, regarding the rules for conducting regular preventive check-ups with pediatricians.

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