Financial report regarding “Ready for School” project

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Financial report regarding “Ready for School” project

TulSun Foundation together with partners spent UAH 175,000 to prepare children for school!

Now officially our team can exhale and enjoy the results. This year’s figures are really impressive! 302 children from five orphanages received all the school supplies which they will use it during the school year. Every childhood smile and gratitude in the eyes gives an understanding that our efforts were not in vain.

TulSun Foundation went this way not alone, but side by side with its incredible partners, such as “Virgin Star” company, All Stars Boxing Club, ACER Ukraine, PUMA Ukraine, Universum Clinic and Kontract Pol. Not only did they become part of the “Ready for School” project, but they also took the time to buy the necessary school supplies for children by themselves, from a small erasers to school bags.

TulSun Foundation team is very grateful to its partners for their big hearts and willingness to help those who really need it!