Winter shoes and equipment for disabled children

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Winter shoes and equipment for disabled children

1 690 EUR spent on humanitarian assistance to children with disabilities!

The TulSun Foundation team was very hopeful that we would be able to congratulate our kids in the homeland soon. Unfortunately, the war has not ended yet and our hopes for meeting with children are postponed indefinitely, but assistance continues wherever they may be. Recall, that at the beginning of April, 13 children with disabilities from Trypillia Training and Rehabilitation Centre was evacuated to the Amersfoort in Netherlands.

As the winter approached, the TulSun Foundation team was concerned about humanitarian assistance and technical support for learning. This amount has spent on purchase of 13 pairs of winter shoes and shoes for home, as well as one laptop for children’s educational development. TulSun Foundation is really grateful to the heads of Amersfoort city for their support, as well as everyone who takes care of children in such difficult times for Ukraine.

We do everything possible for children to be provided with all necessary. Your support can help us! Link for donation: